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Let Them Fight: A Comedy History Podcast

Sep 24, 2019

We're back with another episode featuring our friend and yours, Tom Goss. This week we're talking about Wu Zetian, an old timey Chinese woman who rose from a peasant to an empress. Then apparently to a Civilization playable character. We had a lot of fun recording this, give it a listen and join in on the madness!

Sep 17, 2019

This week we're talking about famous Australian criminal, author, and insane person, Mark "Chopper" Read. And as a special treat, joining us is the much less famous but hilarious local comedian, podcaster, and insane person, Tom Goss. As you travel down this path of craziness, mayhem, and blowtorch fun try and guess if...

Sep 10, 2019

This week we're starting with Boston Corbett and well, I don't really think there's anything I can say in the limited space available here to describe the insanity of his life, but his story will not disappoint. Then we have John King Fisher, a Texas landowning kinda bandit/kinda sheriff. I still can't tell if he loved...

Sep 3, 2019

We are very excited to be releasing this episode, because we have two absolutely batshit insane people to talk about. First up is James Burke, a mafia associated criminal who loved three things: murder, money, and even more murder. Then we move on to Larry Thorne, whose incredible hatred for communism led to him...