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Let Them Fight: A Comedy History Podcast

May 17, 2022

You know that alphabet soup nightmare of a name in the title can only mean one thing, we're talking about someone from Poland today. This guy will never find a mini license plate in a tourist trap with his name on it, but he did play a significant role in American history. If you're wondering why you weren't taught...

May 12, 2022

The week of shitbags continues today with Klaus Barbie, the "Butcher of Lyon." What can we say about this Nazi scumbag that a French military tribunal hasn't already? Well, probably a lot actually since they have to be somewhat professional. Anyways, listen in to this garbage monster's life story, with occasional breaks...

May 10, 2022

After the fun of the week of episode 300, we're back with another request from you animals, and this one is a doozy. Paul Bernardo, AKA The Scarborough Rapist, if that name lets you know what you're in for, was a real piece of shit. So make sure you strap in and expect a bit of grimeyness on this one. Enjoy!

May 5, 2022

Welcome to 300, dear listeners! We're dropping a real special episode for you today. Beloved actor and national treasure, Danny Trejo. For those of you thinking "but he's just an actor," before Danny became America's badass tío, he did some stuff. And well, just listen in and find out. Enjoy!

May 3, 2022

It's the week of our 300th episode and we managed to find something new for you, dear listeners. Today we have Teddy Roosevelt Jr, the son of a person we've previously covered, Teddy Roosevelt, obviously. You'd think it'd be pretty hard to come out from under that massive shadow, but boy did lil' Teddy find a way. Dude...